Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley

“Journeying with her will take you far.”

"Jen is not only a genius at creating a rich inner and outer world, in life and business – and supporting others in doing the same – but she also brings a vibrant and generous energy to everything she does.

Journeying with her will take you far."

- Nisha Moodley

Women's Leadership Coach, Creator of Global Sisterhood Day

Keeli Martinez

Keeli Martinez

“She is my safe zone, my spiritual guru...she will give you the tools you need to pull abundance into your life.”

"Ladies, I have “attended” many online trainings and this one is hands down the best training I have gone through.

Most of you know my love for affirmations, positive energy and lining up with your blessings. Well I will tell you, Jen Mavros will spark a light in your soul and put a fire in your business that you never knew you had!

Jen Mavros is phenomenal and literally fills my soul with love. She’s all about love and light, energy and positivity. She will give you the tools you need to pull abundance into your life.

I hope you have people in your life who love you so much that they won’t let you falter. They don’t accept your excuses, no matter how justified they may be. They know you are meant for greatness. They know the impact you are destine to create. They intrinsically can feel your energy, and truly they call you out on your BS. This is always from a place of love, not judgement. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have the beautiful Jen Mavros in my life. There is something about this woman who just gets me. She is my safe zone, my spiritual guru, and my very very dear friend.

Jen, thank YOU doesn’t do you justice. I tuck myself into bed tonight stepping into a different chapter. Thank you for the gentle nudge (or straight shove!) ?) that I have needed. You are my angel. Now it’s time to level up the right way!”

- Keeli Martinez

Network Marketing Professional, Diamond Leader with doTERRA Essential Oils

Phoenix Murantez

Phoenix Murantez

"There have been almost too many life-shifting experiences with Jen in the short amount of time she’s helped me, that my mind is kind of blown open!"

“I’ve been ready to make some big leaps in my business and success, and Jen’s experience combined with her insane level of love, infectious humor and desire to give support made it a no-brainer to ask her for support.

There have been almost too many life-shifting experiences with Jen in the short amount of time she’s helped me, that my mind is kind of blown open! From helping me manifest major exposure opportunities in magazines, getting published on HuffPo, to a new home in less than 48 hours – her methods are truly aligned with Source.

I feel there will be some Quantum Leaps in the work I’m doing and the impact I’m having that I won’t be surprised if I win a Grammy in the next two years! From using her practices consistently, I have no doubt that my message will be heard by millions over the next few years & for that I am eternally grateful.

Jen really has such a huge heart & desire to help others reach a new level of being an awesome human on this planet and live an amazing life. As she truly lives what she teaches – she’s the living, breathing example that this isn’t about manifesting a ‘laundry list’ of toys, but it is about experiencing, having and being everything we have ever desired so that we can fulfill our purpose on this planet. Working with Jen is a miracle, and I can testify to the power of her practices.

I would say – if you are ready to live the life of your most vivid, beautiful and blessed dreams, work with Jen!”

- Phoenix Muranetz

Sensuality & Female Empowerment Coach, Co-Founder of Awakened Woman Conference

Phoenix Muranetz

Audra Baker

Audra Baker

“In the middle of the Inward Program, I manifested a little over $20,000 within 48 hours. It was absolutely because I was in this program, going through the process. It was amazing!”

“My heart overflows with gratitude to have Jen in my life as a teacher and a friend. My world has been turned upside down in the best way possible. I’ve been honing in my manifesting muscles, and each day I’m doing the work Jen has taught me to create my dream business and bring forth my soul partner. And the better I get at these skills, the more abundance keeps showing up in my life.

I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone as open, as sweet, as caring, or as generous as Jen. She is a beacon of light in the world of business, holding us all (including herself) to a higher vibration to bring forth our best to the world.”

- Audra Baker

Eating Psychology Coach, Creator of The Body Reverence Festival

Audra Baker

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Monica Pelayo

Monica Pelayo


"The work of Jen Mavros has completely shifted my world. Jen teaches me, by example, what true Manifestation and love really is."

The work of Jen Mavros has completely shifted my world, with her deep soul searching, her courage to stay aligned with truth, her humbleness to accept, and to channel such profound wisdom has awaken within me a true respect for her and her work.  Not many people walk the walk and she truly does. I am a witness to her pure soul and her passion to love and serve others. 

She will do what needs to be done to hold a loving, supportive and powerful space for YOU. I am so blessed to have been a witness to this amazing human being. I've laughed, cried, and remembered my truth. 

Jen teaches me, by example, what true Manifestation and love really is.

Thank you Jen, for being such a light in my life and a light to others.

-Monica Pelayo

Transformational Shadow Coach

Doing this 8 weeks series with you has been the best thing and best investment I’ve ever made for my team.

You’ve been given a gift and you are using it wisely - that’s why I appreciate you so much! And you do it in such a loving, caring, kind way. Thank you!
— Gina Truman, Founder & Blue Diamond doTERRA