Devon Harris

Determination & Persistence. Olympian-Style

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In today's episode, you will learn more about:

  • Determination. Persistence. “Keep on, Keeping On!”

  • Devon’s incredible story into the Olympics 🔥🔥

  • The BIG Dream of an Olympian athlete

  • Standing in front of the world and failing - crashing violently at approximately 85 mph 😵

  • “Failure isn’t fatal.”

  • “Life is dynamic, it’s constantly changing. We need to grow to reach our full potential.”

  • It’s about making an effort to get to the next level.

  • When reality & dreams collide - the onset of despair

  • Be willing to march to the beat of your own drum 🥁

  • Plus so much more…


The movie - Cool Runnings

3-Time Olympic Athlete, Devon Harris

3-Time Olympic Athlete, Devon Harris

About Devon

As an original member of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team and captain of the 1992 and 1998 teams; 3-time Olympian, Devon Harris achieved his grand dream. His current dream is to inspire others to achieve theirs. Tapping the same energy, determination and skills that enabled him to bobsled with the best in the world, Devon, as an international motivational keynote speaker is now sparking audiences of all ages to dream big and take their “game” to the next level.

Born on Christmas Day, 1964, Devon Harris was raised in the violent ghetto environment of Olympic Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. The greatest gift he ever received was the belief that a positive attitude and a never say die philosophy would carry him farther than a sense of injustice and a heart filled with anger. A graduate of the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England, Devon Harris received a Queen’s Commission in December 1985 and served in the officer corps of the Jamaica Defence Force until December 1992 when he retired as a Captain.

Encouraged by his commanding officer, Devon tried out for and was selected to the first Jamaican bobsled team which competed in the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. Their exploits inspired the Disney blockbuster movie Cool Runnings. The Keep On Pushing Foundation which he founded in 2006 aims to support and enhance the education of kids in disadvantaged communities around the globe by providing practical solutions to the challenges that are preventing them from getting educated. Through the Keep On Pushing Foundation, Devon also works with Right to Play as an athlete ambassador, supporting Right to Play’s efforts in using sport and play in refugee camps around the world to enhance child development and build community capacity.

Visit Devon online:

IG: @keeponpushing88


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