EP #52 EJ Love

Sologamy: Self-Marriage With The Love Priestess


Episode #52

***This episode contains adult content.

In Episode #52 on The Jen Mavros Show, we've got The Love Priestess, EJ Love in the house!!

We are talking about SOLOGAMY [aka: Self-Marriage]. Wait, what the fuh?

We all know about traditional marriage ceremonies with another person.. but have you ever heard of someone marrying themself? Well, our next guest has not only married herself, on the beach and ate cake afterwards, but EJ travels around the world marrying other solos.

Why? Well, you know one of our favorite topics on the show is LOVE.. This ceremony is all about honoring one's self-love. What do you love about yourself? What commitments do you vow to yourself? Have you ever thought about that? Well, we'll give you details inside. 

**Be sure to catch the video that went viral, posted below.

This is a beautiful honoring of one's self. An opportunity to love more. A heart-warming topic that isn't what you might think at first.

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About EJ

EJ Love is a Love, Relationship and Sex Coach and Sexual Healer / Tantra Practitioner and has been aptly dubbed the ‘Love Priestess’.

She helps people to heal and empower themselves in their relationships, love, intimacy and sex.

Speaking from her own personal experience, she travels the world sharing her message through speaking events, media, radio shows and writing articles, books and blogs as well as often being interviewed on mainstream TV.

She is on a mission to help people to deeply feel the love that they are, heal themselves so that they can have amazing soul-connected relationships. 

Visit EJ online: www.EJLove.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ejloveangel

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ejlove_priestess

Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/ejloveangel 

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