Sonali Fiske

Breathe, Lean In, Open Your Heart & Listen - Cultural Appropriation

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In today's episode, you will learn more about:

  • Sonali’s back story of how she began her powerful work

  • The speak-up culture

  • Active Sacred Listening >> Deeper listening >> a loving ask

  • What is Cultural Appropriation?

  • Cultural Appreciation

  • What is an example of Cultural Appropriation?

  • Words & phrases that have deep meaning but are being appropriated

  • Yoga Appropriation >> Check out my friend Susanna Barkataki’s summit - HONOR {don’t appropriate} YOGA >> Stay tuned we’ll be hosting her on the show in the upcoming months.

  • “Self-care & self-healing, should never have a ‘look’ ” -SF

  • What happens when we become aware of the harm we may or may not be causing with Cultural Appropriation? Is there a middle ground?

  • Inter-cultural exchange // Consent Culture // Equitable Society

  • Accountability.

  • Self inquiry >> Question everything 🙋🏼⁉️

  • Decolonization << click to read a definition

  • Whitewashing

  • The “fire breathing” // sacred rage // disruption

  • What do I do now? 💕

  • “Honor the space you occupy by honoring & acknowledging the native people who sacred land you get to live and work on everyday.” -SF

  • Get to know and connect with your own roots. 🌳

  • Not knowing where you came from and your ancestral history, leads you down the path to cherry picking from other cultures.

  • Marketing materials that cause harm.

  • Now, take a deep breath. Be in conversation with people who are doing the work. Become aware of the educators. Do the work.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Plus, much more…



Goddesses: Kali & Kuan Yin

Mahlikah Aweri >> “There’s nothing more sacred than the act of creation.”

Acjachemen Nation - Indigenous people of California

Adelia Sandoval >> connecting with trees is a beautiful ritual to connect

Spiritual considerations for Balinese Architecture

BOOK: The Places That Scare You >> by Pema Chödrön

AAVE >> African American Vernacular English

Women to check out and follow:

Trudi Lebron

Leesa Renee Hall

Ericka Hines

Sharyn Holmes

About Sonali

Sonali Fiske (she/her) is a Sri Lankan-American womxn's leadership consultant to black indigenous, womxn of color, a TEDx Speaker, radio host, and founder of Pick Your Platform & Raise Your Voice

Her work centers the often suppressed, sidelined and marginalized stories of those still considered on the fringes of society. Her recent online masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Women's Entrepreneurship" went low-key viral, and centered the stories and lived experiences of womxn of color who are countering the current narrative in leadership, influence and social justice.

On her talk show, Revolutionary Voices,” Her jam is confronting uneasy issues like colonization, tokenism, white supremacy, and more — to help reimagine the narrative and dismantle the systems of oppression people of color live and work in every day. Sonali is also currently a council member of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women. 

Visit Sonali online:

IG: @sonalifiske


Talkshow: Revolutionary Voices

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