EP #12 - Janet Bray Attwood

Inspiring Transformation Through Love With The Passion Test


Episode #12

In Episode #12 on The Jen Mavros Show we are joined by New York Times Best Selling Author, Janet Bray Attwood. An expert on passion and transformation, Janet has been featured all over the place, including: Fox Morning Show, O Magazine, Success Magazine, Time.com and that's to name a few.

Janet is helping to transform the world from the inside out by sharing the only test you'll NEVER fail, one that every single human should take: The Passion Test. 

During our conversation we discuss the importance of honoring every aspect of your life, to make the best of every area of your life.

An episode that will inspire and a test you MUST take!!! 

The moral of the story, be a sneezer and SNEEZE your passions all over everyone! 

Jen, Eric Edmeades & Janet

About Janet

Janet Bray Attwood is a visionary, a transformational leader, and a world humanitarian.

She travels the globe, supporting people in all walks of life, in knowing their personal greatness.

Janet is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers, Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose and The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life's Purpose. She and her business partner, Chris Attwood,
have trained over 1,500 Passion Test Facilitators in more than 50 countries. The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches have been featured on the Fox Morning Show, O Magazine, Success Magazine, Time.com, Alternative Medicine, Organic Spa and other media around the world.
Janet has spoken on the power of ritual and how to discover passion and purpose throughout the world.

She has shared the stage with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Dr. Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Nobel Laureate F.W. de Klerk, Jack Canfield, Tony Hsieh, and many others. She is a founding member of both the Transformational Leadership Council and the Expert’s Industry Association. In addition, she and her business partner, Chris Attwood, arranged 70% of the interviews done for the hit movie, The Secret.

For her ongoing work with homeless women and youth in lockdown detention centers, Janet received the highest award for volunteer service in the U.S., The President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States. Janet is a living example of what it means to live with an open heart and mind.

Visit Janet Attwood online & take The Passion Test: www.thepassiontest.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/janetbrayattwood

If you're interested in being one of Janet's Rockstars email Wendy: wendymarr@thepassiontest.com with the subject as: Janet's Rockstar Program


Be Sure To Grab The Book & Discover Your Purpose & Passions.