Sofia Sundari

The Spiritual Path of Tantra

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In today's episode, you will learn more about:

  • Sofia’s disempowering Russian past…Hitting rock bottom

  • What is tantra?

  • “It is a path into the heart of truth that recognizes the sacred nature of life itself.” -SS

  • Where does sex come in?

  • Sexual energy is the root of our power that creates the Universe.

  • What is sexual energy?

  • Activating sexual energy and then moving it through the body

  • Landing back into the body >> inside, out

  • What is Pleasure as Prayer?

  • Being in communion with yourself and everything.

  • What does “pleasure”?

  • TRY IT: Take inventory of what gives you pleasure.

  • Plus, much more…

Mentions: Sufism, Kabbalah

Sofia’s BOOK: Liberation Into Orgasm Through Pleasure Beyond Pleasure

About Sofia:

Sofia Sundari is an international Tantra teacher, bestselling author of the book Liberation into Orgasm, founder of the Priestess School and Tantra Mystery School, and world leading authority in Yoni Egg practice. All her work is based on Non-Dual Tantra: a path that recognizes the innate wholeness of all beings and embraces Life in its totality.

Sofia guides her students on a deep and raw inner journey where they embrace all aspects of themselves: the light and the dark. She helps people rediscover the innocence and sacredness of their sexuality, and reintroduces them to their emotional intelligence, their true power and deep softness. These revelations form the basis of a portal to a profound internal freedom.

Sofia offers tools that help her students heal their hearts and bodies, rediscover their trust in their own light, while realizing how powerful they are and how they can transform their lives. Like a tree with strong roots aiming for the sky, Sofia is deeply rooted in this reality, on earth, and also deeply connected to the Above, the Infinite, the Absolute. She is the authentic fearless guide who helps you remember that you can see in the dark.

After leaving her law career, Sofia spent 5 years in Asia studying the secrets of Tantra and Taoism, and over a decade training in healing and spiritual modalities, including 1 to 8 month long meditation retreats. She has held over 20 worldwide trainings and countless workshops, developed four online courses on the subject of sacred sexuality, and garners a strong online following of over 80,000 people.

Russian born, she currently resides in Ibiza and frequently travels to Bali.

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EP #8: Layla Martin

Empowered Sacred Sexuality With The Headmistress of Pleasure


Episode #8

In Episode #8 on The Jen Mavros Show we are joined by The Headmistress of Pleasure herself, discussing epic sex and legendary love. Today on the show, we welcome, the electrifying Layla Martin.

**The episode contains adult language and content not suitable for little humans. Listener discretion is advised.**

Come on a journey as Layla and I unravel the taboo topic of sexuality and spirituality, the "V" & "P" words and embark on a thrilling conversation around the Jade Egg and Self-Pleasure. 

Having started off studying sexuality at Stanford University, Layla then migrated to the jungles of Asia and spent seven wild years dedicating herself to real Tantric evolution, working with various masters and crazy gurus.

Layla brings deep wisdom, outrageous entertainment and revolutionary programs to awaken couples and singles to their sexual power and capacity. Her wildly successful youtube channel has received over 28 million views and her loving radiance and authentic approach will no doubt put you in a trance.

This episode will tug at your heart strings, excite you with bed talk and make you uncomfortable as hell. Basically, it's EPIC! Enjoy.

**If you or someone you know has been sexually abused or assaulted, recently or in the past, help is available.  Please contact your local rape crisis center (google rape crisis with your zip code) or for immediate support or to help find a therapist.**


About Layla

Layla Martin brings deep wisdom and outrageous entertainment to the topics of sex and modern Tantra with practical and fun guidance on how to have super-evolved relationships and absolutely epic sex.

Having started off studying sexuality at Stanford University, Layla then migrated to the jungles of Asia and spent seven wild years dedicating herself to real Tantric evolutions, working with various masters and crazy gurus. 

Along the way, she began to heal from childhood sexual abuse. (Starting from a young age, she used to pray every night that she'd never become a woman and she couldn't even go into a lingerie shop at the age of 16 because sex frightened the hell out of her.) After trying regular psychotherapy tools and getting little relief, she turned to every alternate healing tool she could find...therapeutic pussy massage...Tantric breath-work, the jade egg practice. If it exists, she likely tried it. And in the end, she got a very, very clear idea of what truly works to heal sexual trauma and abuse. 

From this, she designed revolutionary programs to awaken couples and singles to their deep sexual power and capacity. In her weekly YouTube series, books and programs she demonstrates everything from how to have mind-blowing cervical orgasms and how to give an epic penis massage to how to get real in talking to your partner about sex.

Her work strikes a chord with highly intelligent, successful and conscious-minded people, whether they have suffered from sexual trauma or not. That's because so much of what holds people back is sexual guilt, shame, fear and numbness, and her work addresses the true underlying issues that block people from living and loving like they know they can. 

Visit Layla Martin online:

Layla on YouTube:


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