EP #74 Hiro Boga



In Episode #74 on The Jen Mavros Show we are joined by author, teacher, business strategist and mystic, Hiro Boga to talk SOUL.

"You are an incarnate, embodied soul," acclaimed writer, mentor and mystic Hiro Boga assures us. “You don’t have to do anything to be soul – soul is who you are.”

"Yet how often, in the course of an ordinary day, do you experience the depth, beauty, power, and radiance of your soul?

If you want to strengthen your soul connection, do as soul does. Let your being inform your doing."

Join us as we unpack Hiro's newest book, To Be Soul, Do Soul - Adventures In Creative Consciousness  

Hiro Boga is a writer, teacher, business strategist, and mentor to creative leaders who are shaping a world that works for everyone. She is a pioneer in the field of soul-powered creativity and leadership.

Hiro writes and teaches at the frontier where soul and subtle energy meet artistic integrity, creative freedom, and renewable prosperity in service to a world of wholeness, peace, and provision for everyone.

For close to forty years, she has guided thousands of clients and students through adventures in creative consciousness that result in practical ways to build a better, more beautiful world.

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About Hiro

Hiro Boga is a writer, master teacher and mentor to visionary leaders who are shaping a world in which service and prosperity, soul and entrepreneurship, work hand in hand to create a world that serves all of life.

Over the past thirty-five years, Hiro has helped thousands of clients and students reclaim joy, freedom, creative power and sovereignty in their businesses, their relationships, and their lives.

As a mentor and teacher, Hiro blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies.

Hiro offers a core curriculum of self-study programs In energy alchemy and soul-centered business. She works privately with evolutionary leaders to bring their most creative visions to life through a skillful blend of inner and outer work. The results are both practical and profound.

Explore her writing, sign up for her free 7-day e-course, Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business, and discover a wealth of other resources at HiroBoga.com. Connect with her on Facebook for daily doses of inspiration.

Visit Hiro online: www.hiroboga.com
Social: facebook.com/HiroBoga.Inc