EP #70 Daniel Bruce Levin

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Episode #70

In Episode #70 on The Jen Mavros Show we sit down for a deep, powerful and soul-sparking conversation with my brother in spirit and dear friend, Daniel Bruce Levin. 

"What if everything was possible?
What if the reason we think something is impossible is because we do not see a way for it to happen.

But what if we could see a new way?
What if there was a way that we could see what we don’t see?

What then would be possible?

What we see it not what is; it is just what we see.
If we were to realize that what we see is blocking us from seeing what is,
we might stop looking at what we see long enough to begin to see what we never saw before.

That is when miracles happen.
That is when the impossible, becomes possible.

How would life change if you could see what you do not see?" -DL

Together, we laugh, we cry, we pause in inquiry and delight in the mysteries of the cosmos. A heart-full intersection of love. I think you'll really enjoy this one my friends, meet my 'ordinary' brother, Danny.

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Please check out Daniel's gorgeous book:

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About Daniel

Daniel Bruce Levin

Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a business that was a household name in order to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. The people he met along his journey remind him a lot of the characters of The Mosaic. 

For most of his life, Levin felt different. He saw things others did not see and thought in ways that were unlike the ways of his peers. It made him feel alone and isolated, and though he knew how to play the game and interact with others well, he never felt he was the same as them. This all
changed when he started to work with government and corporations seeking innovation.

Suddenly, it was his ability to see differently that made him a sought out commodity. Levin, a connectivity expert and business leader, works with governments organizations, corporations and businesses to improve how people treat themselves and each other. Sharing a message of unification, he is a sought after speaker for groups whose focus is problem solving
and conflict resolution.

He is married to the woman of his dreams, and is the lucky father of a beautiful special needs daughter who teaches him unconditional love, a fun loving step son, a brilliant step daughter and a very needy Golden Retriever. They live together three blocks from the ocean feeling very
blessed to be alive.

Visit Daniel online: www.DanielBruceLevin.com