EP #68 Lola Pickett

Dismantling Perfectionism


Episode #68

In Episode #68 on The Jen Mavros Show, we take a seat with fellow sister-friend, Lola Medicine Keeper Pickett, to swivel between deep soulful dives and light heartedly dances in a fun and mysterious conversation.

During our conversation, Lola unpacks her recovery of perfectionism and her yearning to live a soul-full and present life. We side chat on shamanism, elves, fairies, cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation. 

Lola shares with us her journey of how she dismantled her "practice marriage and miserable corporate job" to take a leap into the unknown. 

She embraced her inner witch and now guides people to create their own wild life.

This convo is no doubt a mixed bag of soulful, delicious goodies, one I have no doubt you'll dig. Grab a bev and listen in.

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About Lola

Lola Medicine Keeper is a recovering perfectionist, shamanic healer, edgewalker, mystical mama, and plant lover. She shares ways to “human” well on the site she runs with her twin flame husband: Wild Playground. Lola’s healing gifts and shamanic path opened after she left behind a miserable corporate job and her practice marriage… She knows what it is like to take a LEAP and learn to fly on the way down. 

Through ongoing experiences with the abyss, shamanic work, motherhood,  6+ years of full-time, entrepreneurship, and opening her heart fully to love, she's honed a unique set of skills and perspectives. She’s deeply honored to serve thousands of clients as they navigate the turbulent waters of listening to their souls, remembering their intuitive gifts, and living an aligned life. Find her shamanic retreats, soul mentorship, online classes, and a profane-yet-amazing wildcrafted personal care line at wildplayground.com.