EP #64 Keith McCoy

Choose Different - A Story of Radical Accountability


Episode #64

In Episode #64 on The Jen Mavros Show, we’re diving deep and asking meaningful questions with author and all around awesome dude, Keith McCoy.

You know that feeling when you look at your life and realize you’re nowhere near where you’d like to be? You look back at the series of decisions you’ve made and are confused at how you got there. How did this happen? That’s one of the big questions Keith and I talk about in this episode. He’s here to remind us that things are happening for us instead of to us, that you never lose because you always win or learn, and that even if you aren’t living the life you truly want that there’s still time to course correct.

Keith McCoy is the author of Choose Different, a book that encourages the reader to move towards a life that reflects personal values and desires. After experiencing the pain of what it was like to bring his reactionary tendencies and victim mentality from a challenging childhood into adulthood, he learned how to take radical accountability for his life. Now he wants to gift others the tools that helped him do that in order to live a fulfilling life.

This episode is for you if you feel stuck, confused, or are tired of feeling like life is out to get you.  It will help you ask the questions you’ve been avoiding and help you make decisions at quantum speeds.

Join us in this stirring conversation with an honest soul.

About Keith

My name is Keith McCoy, I am a father of 8 and I have been married to my wife Keri for 20 years now.  I currently make my way as an educator on essential oils and their uses and benefits to humankind working as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA International. That endeavor has created a life for me that allows me to create the things I want and to live life fully. In that space I get to be a creator of various works for various reasons with various methods, including my first book release, Choose Different, and the forthcoming Slightly Opinionated. Giving back is tremendously important within my family and so we additionally have the privilege of workings as Community Volunteer Leaders and producing the Annual Run to Break the Chain benefitting Operation Underground Railroad, an organization working to end child sex trafficking.

I am always looking within to improve, to learn and to grow, and searching for tools to sharpen my skills, as all true Warriors do...studiomccoy is a platform that allows me to take the things I learn and to share them with others; to empower them to learn and grow as well. Have a look around, hopefully you will find something useful.

Visit Keith online: www.studiomccoy.com