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About The Show.


The Jen Mavros Show is Loving Humanity Forward.

Join Jen Mavros and a few of her friends; Global Visionary Thought Leaders, Change-makers, Authors, Teachers, Artists, Channels and Creatives in the Spiritual Growth and Personal Development space who are shaking things up and helping to move the world forward through Love.

Now into Season Two, The Jen Mavros Show gleams a 5 Star Rating featuring the most revealing, spiritual and provocative material to grace the interwebs.

During these weekly conscious conversations and master classes, you'll receive insight, tools and support to live your most soulful, awesome life.

Your Hostess.

Jen Mavros

Jen is a Modern Day Spiritual Messenger, Creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation and she's here to stir your soul.

She is devoted to the awakening of humanity through personal transformation and spiritual deepening, so that each person can witness their own true divine radiance.

As a voice for the light, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals manifest their soulfully aligned desires and dreams in life and in business - to be inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

She is Loving Humanity Forward.
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Top 4 Most Listened To Episodes

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#1 Layla Martin

EP #8 - Empowered Sacred Sexuality from The Headmistress of Pleasure

#2 Michael Bernard Beckwith

EP #30 - Life Visioning

#3 Elayne Kalila Doughty

EP #6 - The Remembering, Return & Rise of The Divine Feminine

#4 Dr. Bruce Lipton

EP #7 - THINKING Beyond Your Beliefs - Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Season Two

We proudly Wear a gleaming 5 Star Rating


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Naveen Jain

Thinking BIG like a Billionaire

Audra Baker

Love It 2 Lose It

Dr. Judith Orloff


Surviving Life As An Empath

Ep_47_Megan Jayne Crabbe.jpg

Megan Jayne Crabbe -@bodyposipanda


Body Positive Power - Making Peace With Your Body

Dr. Anita Sanchez

The Four Sacred Gifts - Sharing Indigenous Wisdom                                                                                                                                


Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

Living In A Mindful Universe                               


Dr. Amit Goswami

How Quantum Science Explains Everything; Love, Death & Life

Dr. Andrea Pennington

I Love You, Me!                                                      


EJ Love

SOLOGAMY: Self-Marriage With The Love Priestess                                                      


Agapi Stassinopoulos

Wake Up To The Joy Of Being You


Cheryl Richardson

In Search For What Really Matters


Natalie Ellis

Being A #bossbabe In Business


Emily Fletcher

Meditation For The Modern Life


Season One


Jen Mavros


Welcome & Intro - Loving Humanity Forward

JenMavrosPodcastDanielleLaporte3 (1).png

Danielle Laporte

Keeping It Real On Your Spiritual Path

Ep_03_JP Sears.jpg

JP Sears

Learning Through "Ultra-Spiritual" Laughter

Ep_04_Gabby Bernstein.jpg

Gabby Bernstein

Trailblazing Through Business & Life, The "Spirit Junkie" Way

Dr. Joe Vitale

Awakening The Millionaire From Within - Blending Spirit & Money  


Elayne Doughty

The Remembering, Return & Rise of The Divine Feminine                 

Ep_07_Dr. Bruce Lipton.jpg

Dr. Bruce Lipton

THINKING Beyond Your Beliefs - Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind


Layla Martin

Empowered Sacred Sexuality from The Headmistress of Pleasure

Peggy Oliveira

Courageous Journeys - Shining The Light On Shame

Jason Goldberg


The Art of (Self) Leadership                                 

Ep_11_Nisha Moodley.jpg

Nisha Moodley

Freedom-Focused Sisterhood                                


Janet Bray Attwood

Inspiring Transformation Through Love - The Passion Test


Rebecca Campbell

The Modern Day Lightworker                                  

Ep_14_Rochelle Schieck.jpg

Rochelle Schieck

Through Movement, We Remember - Wise, Wild & Free

Ep_15_Sean Stephenson.jpg

Dr. Sean Stephenson

Ridding The World Of Insecurity                           

Ep_16_Sonia Choquette.jpg

Sonia Choquette

Amplifying Your Intuitive Super Power




Creating A "Bloody" Brilliant Life. Period.



Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Menstruality - A Feminine Spiritual Practice


Preston Smiles

Loving LOUDER                                                                     

Rob_Scheer (1).jpg

Rob Scheer

Every Child Matters - A Closer Look At Foster Care


Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code - Releasing Trapped Emotions


Eric Edmeades


Wildfit - Health is Natural                               

Debra Silverman

Esoteric [Soul-Centered] Astrology 


Neale Donald Walsch

Awaken The Species


Joanna Turner

Flow Alchemy


LiYana Silver

Feminine Genius


Phoenix Muranetz


The Awakening of Shakti


Kate Northrup

Money, A Love Story



Ruby Warrington


A Stylish Journey Through Modern Spirituality


Michael Bernard Beckwith (1).jpg

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Life Visioning


Gregg Braden

  Human By Design


Lynne McTaggart

The Miraculous Power of Intention


Dr. Robert Masters

Spiritual Bypassing


Bri Seeley

Bring Your Vision To LIfe                                   


Gelong Thubten

A Portal To Mindfulness & Forgiveness With A Buddhist Monk


Monica Pelayo

The Gold Behind The Shadow                           

Jordan Bach_Ep_37.jpg

Jordan Bach

Gay Spirituality

Dr. Madan Kataria_1.jpg

Dr. Madan Kataria

Laughter Yoga - Healing Through Giggles

Hilary Silver_Ep_39.jpg

Hilary Silver


Getting The Love You Want

Latham Thomas_Ep_40.jpg

Latham Thomas

Own Your Glow - Crowning The Queen WIthin  

Ep_41_Sherina Mayani.jpg

Sherina Mayani

Change Your Money Story - Eliminating Money Blocks

Ep_42_Dr. Bradley Nelson new.jpg

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Inherited Emotional Baggage                                                                       

Jen Mavros


You're not going to want to miss this one loves.

Tune into Jen's first master class here on The Jen Mavros Show. An episode to surely support you on your soulful journey. We're talkin' Gratitude. Learn her soul-inspiring five step method to help you achieve the most rewarding daily Gratitude Practice, why you want to and hear about the EXCITING AWESOMENESS coming up for Season Two.


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