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About The Show.


The Jen Mavros Show is Loving Humanity Forward.

Our intention is to be a loving force and a guiding voice for positive change in the world - to support the elevation of consciousness.

Join Jen Mavros and a few of her friends; Global Visionary Thought Leaders, Change-makers, Authors, Teachers, Artists, Disruptors, Creatives and Voices in the Spiritual Growth and Personal Development space who are shaking things up and helping to move the world forward through LOVE.

Ranked one of the top Spiritual podcasts and now into Season Three, The Jen Mavros Show gleams a 5 Star Rating and features the most revealing, honest and spiritually provocative material to grace the inter-webs today.

On the show, we present and discuss all things Spiritual. In our definition, ALL things are connected, therefore, Spiritual. Our rainbow spectrum of topics include; Love, Women's Empowerment, Metaphysics, Self-love, Body Positivity, Conscious/Social Entrepreneurship, Holistics, Paranormal, Prosperity, Quantum Physics, Healing, Sacred Sexuality, Inclusion & Diversity, Science & Spirituality, Divine Feminine & Masculine, Manifestation, Relationships, Intuition... and many more soul-filling topics.

During these life-changing conversational master classes, you'll receive insight, tools and support to help you elevate and live your most soulful, AWESOME life.

Brand new episodes every Tuesday and every other Thursday.

Your Hostess.

Jen Mavros

Jen is a Modern Day Spiritual Messenger, Creator of The Loving Humanity Forward Movement and The Mavros Method of Manifestation. She is here to stir your soul.

She is devoted to the conscious awakening of humanity through personal transformation and spiritual deepening, so that each person can witness their own true divine radiance, live a life of purpose, passion and truth.

As a voice for Love, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals manifest their soulfully aligned desires and dreams in life and in business - so they can be be inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

Jen is Loving Humanity Forward, one conversation at a time.
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Welcome Love! I am so grateful you're here.

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Season three

Rated One of The Top Spirituality Podcasts on iTunes!

We proudly Wear a gleaming 5 Star Rating!



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Healing The Shadow, Embracing The Light & Ghost Activism

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The Power of Play


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Finding Your Voice. Speaking Your Truth. Change The World.

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Being Spiritually Fierce & Changing The Convo On Intuition


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Handling That Money, Honey! With The Modern Money Witch


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Ancient Ayurveda Made Modern & Easy


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Disruptive Innovation - An Inspirational Story of a Social Entrepreneur


Panache Desai


Remembering The Truth of Who You Are

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Pam Grout

Creativity & Conscious Creation


Alexia Vernon

Step Into Your Moxie - Amplify Your Voice, Visibility & Influence


Coming Soon..

Sarah Jenks

COMING October 16th


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