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The OSO organic meditation cushions were designed and created by the OSO Sister’s, Jen Ream and Christine Landaal.

As Holistic Health coaches and passionate meditation practitioners, the sisters were unable to find a meditation cushion that met all of their requirements… organic and sustainable materials (including the packaging), and beautiful enough to be sitting out in their home and office sacred spaces.

Divinely guided and after much research on the perfect materials, the OSO cushion was created.  Made by hand with love in the US, the OSO cushions are the perfect symbol of self-love, as well as a symbol of the importance to take the time for a daily meditation practice. OSO stands for their company Om Sweet Om.

Both ladies have found that meditation has been their #1 tool for healing past hurts, gaining clarity in this fast paced world, and reconnecting them with their truth… that we are all amazing divine beings here to create an awesome life!

Their mission now is to encourage, support, and uplift others, especially women, to make meditation apart of their daily lives. In turn, creating happier and healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families!

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Why we choose organic??
The choice in using organic material was of utmost importance when we at OSO set out to design our own meditation/prayer cushions. Your cushion should reflect all of the positive energy that you want to receive during your meditation, including the physical materials and how they were derived from the Earth. No harm has been done when using organic elements, which is exactly the energy you want to bring into your Sacred Space.

Meditate peacefully knowing….
• NO chemicals have been used on any of the fabrics or kapok
• Certified GOTS fabric
• Fair Trade Certified Fabric
• No child labor when harvesting or making any of the materials
• Made in the USA by hand with LOVE