You've got important things to do within this lifetime, sister. 

Explore the Feminine, soulful alternative to traditional goal-setting.

Honor. Reflect.


Clear. Release.

Vision. Desire.

Move Forward with Feminine focus and soulful design.

phoenix murantez, Sensuality & Leadership coach

"Jen's gift in weaving the wisdom of the Feminine into a practical and easy approach in planning your desired experiences, growth and lifestyle is evident in Forward.

This is an essential tool for anyone looking to dream into their most beautiful 2017 with ease, flow and creative structure. 

This work is a gift to the world and how you show up in it is such a testament of your desire to contribute to the world's growth. Thank you for reminding me to stand tall, share from love, and keep dreaming bigger dreams. I love you!

You want to be sure to add this into your collection of tools for the years to come!"

-Phoenix Muranetz, Sensuality & Leadership Coach, Co-founder of the Awakened Woman Conference


A sacred, at-home one day retreat.

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Here's what your Forward journey includes, when you say YES to YOU...

The Forward Playbook

Move Forward into the year ahead with soul, intention and feminine focus.

Forward is a sacred, self-paced, at-home, one day retreat.

All 44 pages have been thoughtfully curated and infused with love to help you with the answers you seek, so you can take inspired action. It is a feminine journey that honors your divine presence in the world. Aligning you with the desires that sit on your heart... then helping you move forward, into 2017. 

Between the pages, you'll experience:

  • Creating a sacred, ceremonial-like space to cleanse the energy and get you set up to play in the creations of your life. Jen will guide you through sacred space creation. 

  • Honor and reflect upon the "beauty and the messy" that yester-year gifted you.

  • Celebrate the lessons, experiences and accomplishments from yester-year. 

  • Clearing the way to create space for your new visions, desires and dreams. 

  • Removing the energy leaks that keep you stagnant and distracted, those that are no longer serving you. 

  • Gain crystal, clear clarity on what you desire to birth into the world, achieving the clarity of mind, the clarity of heart and really aligning with your soul. Step out the foggy, wtf-ness and gracefully open your heart to the new journey ahead. 

  • Planting the seeds of intention, so that they may be ripened into fruition.

  • Mapping out your desires and visions, honoring the seasons of your life and the Divine Feminine.

  • Finally, helping you take the first steps of action to launch your awesomeness into the new year... moving forward into 2017.

Forward is NOT:

  • A restrictive, goal-making, push-push process that requires forceful, temporary will-powered goals... Squeezing you and your vastness into a "one-size-fits-all" methodology. It will however, guide you in extracting the soulful desires and dreams, extensions of your truth. Therefore creating lasting change and impact in your life. 
  • A rush through, get 'er done process.
  • A super structured process. This is a space for you to be guided intuitively and led by your soul.
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Divinely Guided Meditation & Two Audio Companions

After you've traveled through the pages of Forward, The Seeds of the Soul Meditation, will guide you in planting the seeds of your intention for the year ahead. This 9 minute, gentle guided meditation will open you for possibility and speak to your heart so you can bring your desires into the world. 

The two audio companions are there to help ease you into the energy and vibe of your Forward experience. Take a listen below.


The Forward Music Playlist

Enjoy the 60 song playlist of music thoughtfully selected for your journey going Forward.

Some songs are meditative, some great for background music or journal-jammin' - as you dive deeper into the new story of your life. 

Listen to the playlist anytime you like. 


The Forward 90 Day Mapping Calendar

Honor the seasons of your life, your natural rhythms and your Feminine Energy, as you gently map out your year ahead with 90 day themes.

Inside of Forward, there is a full year calendar broken into 90 day segments [Four Quarters] with color coated seasonal months and a designated area to optimize your Feminine Focus.


“Choosing to go on this journey with Jen was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, personally and for my business.

Jen has helped me to tap into the divine source within myself. My family and I will always be in abundance because of the techniques and lessons that I have learned through her. I feel more me than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I don’t know what could be better than that.

I know that I can do anything, accomplish everything, and manifest my truest desires because I’m my full self. I have Jen to thank for that, and I will forever be grateful.”

-Brittany Chaplin, Intuitive Astrologer & Lightworker


When You Say YES To YOU, You Get:

1.  The Forward Playbook - 44 page - [digital PDF Download]

2.  The Seeds of the Soul Divinely Guided Meditation

3.  Two Audio Companions

4.  Forward's 60 song Music Playlist

5.  The Forward 90 Day Mapping Calendar


It's YOUR time sister.

Join me as we move, Forward.

The Forward Playbook - 2017
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