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A Soulful & FREE Mini-Course with Jen Mavros.

Revealing the two biggest, missing secrets to help you super-charge your Manifestational Superpowers to up-level your life & business.

In this FREE mini-course, learn what Divine Manifestation is and how it's different from what you might know. As well as the two biggest, missing secrets that keep you from truly manifesting your deepest desires.

A valuable and delicious FREE gift, you won't want to miss.

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A Soulful Course To grow Your Business, By Growing You.

Divine Manifestation + Mindset + Meditation

This course is designed for the purpose-driven entrepreneur, network marketer, creative, coach or consultant who has the desire to take their business and life to abundant, elevated heights with soul and intention. Jen has created a sacred experience that deepens your journey in business and life... by going Inward.

Inside you will learn Jen’s 10 step Divine Manifestation Method, rewire your mindset for success and get yo’ meditation on.

This course is currently closed and offered seasonally.

Next Live Session - Available May 2018.

Currently our site is being remodeled for the next session. Please check back soon. 



A Soulful Course For New Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Get started, find your customers, earn money and make an impact.

Reach inside yourself, sink into your heart to align with your soul so you can gain the clarity and direction you need to start your business off right. Then, bringing this new insight Outward, into your business, so you can powerfully share your work with the world, make an impact and change lives.

Outward is a self-study online course and is available now.

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A Soulful Course For Next Level Expansion.

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A Soulful Course on Spiritual Flow & Synchronicity.

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