Welcome beloved

The Sacred Altar, first of its kind.


An energetically charged, online sanctuary for you to come anytime to pray. 

Submit a prayer request.

Create an intention.



Soak in the energy of Love.



Jen has blessed, energetically charged and infused the many energies of love, abundance, healing, joy and peace into this online space to support you in having the most soulfully awesome life.

This online space is sacred and is regularly cleansed and re-energized.

1. You may submit a prayer request, request for Jen to hold an intention, or manifestation. She will pray and hold space for you. [please request up to one per month - the prayer request form is below].

Your request will be tended to with the utmost love, care and reverence.

2. If you like, choose a song/s from The Sacred Altar playlist and feel into it while you're here visiting our site. Music holds a certain vibration of healing and these songs were handpicked for your experience at The Sacred Altar.

Or grab your free gift, a divinely guided 4 track meditation album. 

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a beautiful energetically charged image. Here you can meditate, create an intention, bring your inquiries to the Universe or feel into the energy of the image.

Sending you love my friend. May you always feel loved. xo


Prayer Requests

To submit a prayer request, intention or manifestation, kindly click the button and complete the information.
You will not be spammed or added to our newsletter. Your information is only collected for the purpose of sending prayers and blessings.

However, if you would like to receive information about living your most soulful, awesome life and business, you may complete the form at the bottom of the page to join our soulful community.

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