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Introducing... The Forward Playbook 2017

A Feminine and sacred experience, to help move you Forward into the year ahead, with vision and intention.


Signature Online Courses


Inward Program

A soulful course to grow your business, by growing you. Soul growth & personal development.

This course is designed for the feminine leader, entrepreneur, network marketer, creative, change-maker, coach or consultant who has the desire to take their business and life to abundant, elevated heights with soul and intention. Jen has created a sacred experience that deepens your journey in business and life. Mindset + Manifestation + Meditation.

Inward is a live course guided by Jen, it is offered a few times throughout the year. 

Outward Program

A soulful course for new/er Spiritual Entrepreneurs to help you get started, find your customers, earn money and make an impact with soul and intention.

Reach inside yourself, sink into your heart to align with your soul so you can gain the clarity and direction you need to start your business off right. Then, bringing this new insight Outward, into your business, so you can powerfully share your work with the world, make an impact and change lives.

Outward is a self-study online course and is available now. 

“Doing this 8 weeks series with you has been the best thing and best investment I've ever made for my team.

You've been given a gift and you are using it wisely - that's why I appreciate you so much! And you do it in such a loving, caring, kind way. Thank you!” 

- Gina Truman, Founder & Blue Diamond Leader doTERRA Essential Oils